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Choose the most appropriate option.

Each sentence has been divided into three parts, indicated by $A$, $B$ and $C$. Read each sentence to find out, if there is an error. If you find an error in any of the parts $(A, B$ or $C)$, indicate your response. If a sentence has no error, mark your answer as $D$.

  1. $\underset{(A)}{\underline{\text{The students were /}}}$
  2. $\underset{(B)}{\underline{\text{awaiting for /}}}$
  3. $\underset{(C)}{\underline{\text{the arrival of the chief guest. /}}}$
  4. $\underset{(D)}{\underline{\text{No error. /}}}$
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Option B.

Part A has no error. Part B (awaiting+for) is an INCORRECT usage. Part C has no error.

The gerund “awaiting” is not followed by “for”. Source:

The correct form of this sentence is: The students were awaiting the arrival of the chief guest.

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