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Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

  1. Five students Sujit, Randhir, Neena, Mihir and Vinay have total five books on subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English written by authors Gupta, Khanna, Harish, D'Souza and Edwin.Each student has only book on one of the five subjects.
  2. Gupta is the author of Physics book, which is not owned by Vinay or Sujit.
  3. Mihir owns the book written by Edwin.
  4. Neena owns Maths book. Vinay has English book, which is not written by Khanna. Biology book is written by D'Souza.

Which of the following is correct combination of subject, student and author?

  1. Maths-Neena-Harish
  2. Physics-Mihir-Gupta
  3. English-Vinay-Edwin
  4. Biology-Sujit-D'Souza
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Ans is option (D)

From the given data, I will fill information in two tables(namely Subject-Student-Author and Author-Subject).

→ Correct entries are marked in bold letters in each cell.

After analyzing the information, we get the tables as:

  Subject-Student-Author Table
Subject Chemistry/Biology






Student         Sujit         Randhir Neena            Mihir      Vinay








              Edwin Harish/Edwin


Author-Subject Table
Author Gupta Khanna Harish D’Souza Edwin
Subject Physics Chemistry/Maths English/Chemistry/Maths Biology English/Chemistry/Maths


It is given that the Physics book is not owned by neither Sujit nor Vinay. Also, since Neena has Maths book and Vinay has English book, we get two possibilities for Physics book owner i.e. Mihir and Randhir. Now, since Mihir owns a book written by Edwin(who is not the author of Physics book), we can safely say that  Randhir owns the Physics book, and hence Randhir’s book details will be  Physics-Randhir-Gupta..

Now, since Khanna is not the author of the English book, English as a subject can be placed as a possibility only in Harish and Edwin’s column in Author-Subject table. Now, in the Subject-student-author table, in the Vinay’s book details, we can only place Harish as Edwin is already present in Mihir’s book details. So, Vinay has English book written by Harish.

Now, in Neena’s book details, we have Khanna/Harish/Edwin, from which Harish and Edwin can be safely removed. So, Khanna is the author of Maths book.

Also, Edwin’s subject possiblities were English, Chemistry and Maths, from which English and Maths can be safely removed(their respective authors being Harish and Khanna). So, Edwin is the author of Chemistry book. Also, under Sujit’s book details, Khanna,Harish and Edwin can be safely removed now, which confirms the fact that D’Souza is the author of Biology book.

Now, summarizing all the results, we get the two final tables as:

Subject      Biology




Student         Sujit          Randhir      Neena            Mihir      Vinay




      Edwin      Harish


Author Gupta     Khanna      Harish    D’Souza Edwin
Subject Physics     Maths      English    Biology Chemistry


From first table, Option D is the correct one.







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