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Read the following information to answer the given questions.

Six lectures $A, B, C, D, E, F$  are to be organised only on one each day from Monday to Sunday in accordance with the following $\dots$

  1. $C$ should not be organised on Friday.
  2. $A$ should be organised immediately after $D$.
  3. There should be a gap of two days between $B$ and $F$.
  4. On one day there will be no lecture (Saturday is not that day), just before that day $F$  will be organised.
  5. $E$ should be organised on Wednesday and should not be followed by $F$. 

On which day, there is no lecture ?

  1. Sunday
  2. Friday
  3. Monday
  4. Cannot be determined
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answer :----


tuesday     C

wednesday   E 

thursday      F 

friday      leave 

saturday    D 

sunday   A 

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