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A general wishing to draw his $17429$ men in the form of a solid square found that he had $5$ men over. The number of men in the front row was:

  1. $174$
  2. $424$
  3. $132$
  4. $742$
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17429- 5 = 17424  [he had 5 men over]

Now take square root of 17424 i.e., 132


Option C
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$\textrm{according to the question it structures look like $n*n$ square.}$

$\textrm{there are $n^{th}$ row and each row is dividing into $n^{th}$ coloum.}$

$\textrm{now it’s given that $5$ men's are extra here.}$

$\implies$ $n*n=17429-5$

$\implies$ $n^2=17424$

$\implies$ $n=132$

$\textrm{so the number of men in front row is 132.}$
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