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The H.C.F. of $(4x^{3}+3x^{2}y-9xy^{2}+2y^{3})$ and $(x^{2}+xy-2y^{2})$ is :

  1. $(x-2y)$
  2. $(x-y)$
  3. $(x+2y)(x-y)$
  4. $(x-2y)(x-y)$
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Answer is C.

Finding the factors of 1st term – $4x^{^{3}}+3x^{2}y-9xy^{2}+2y^{3}$






Factors are $(4x-y)(x+2y)$

Finding the factors of 2nd term – $x^{2}+xy-2y^{2}$



Factors are $(x+2y)(x-y)$

So, HCF is the common factors between 1st term and 2nd term 


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