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In a certain code language.

  1. $\text{‘1 3 4’}$ means ‘you are well’,
  2. $\text{‘7 5 8’}$ means ‘they go home’,
  3. $\text{‘8 3 9’}$ means ‘we are home’,

Which of the following represents ‘they’ in that code language?

  1. $5$
  2. $7$
  3. $3$
  4. Data inadequate
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from the given data we can observe that,

home: is represented by $8$

are:  is represented by  $3$

$9$ represents we

for all other data, we cannot say which number represents which word.

so option (D)

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They can be either $7$ or $5$

So data inadequate seems to be the best choice
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