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Read the following information to answer the question.

$A+B$ means $A$ is daughter of $B$; $A*B$ means $A$ is son of $B$ and $A-B$ means $A$ is wife of $B$.

If $P*Q-S,$ which of the following is true?

  1. $S$ is wife of $Q$
  2. $S$ is father of $P$
  3. $P$ is daughter of $Q$
  4. $Q$ is father of $P$ 
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Given $P*Q-S$

If we take $P*Q$ then $P$ is son of $Q$

Next, $Q-S$ mean $Q$ is wife of $S$

It means $Q$ and $S$ are parents of $P$

hence $S$ is father of $P$ ==> Answer (B)

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$P*Q$ means $P$ is the son of $Q$.

$Q-S$ means $Q$ is the wife of $S$.

from above it is clear that $Q$ and $S$ are the couple and $P$ is the son of them.

From the above figure,

  1. $S$ is the wife of $Q$, false $S$ is the husband of $Q$.
  2. $S$ is the father of $P$, true.
  3. $P$ is the daughter of $Q$, false
  4. $Q$ is the father of $P$, false $Q$ is the mother of $P$.

Option $B$ is correct.

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