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A supplement of Vitamin A and Zinc may boost children’s resistance to Malaria (observation from one experiment conducted in a village’X’). Which of the following, if true, would weaken the statement?

  1. No adult in village ‘X’ has fallen sick because of Malaria.
  2. For the last three years there is hardly any case of child affected by Malaria from village ‘X’.
  3. The experiment with Vitamin A and Zinc is being duplicated in other nearby cities adjacent to village ‘X’.
  4. Village adjacent to ‘X’ have reported substantial cases of Malaria affecting mostly children.
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  1. and C is strengthening the statement so that cannot be true. Where As Option A. is not related to given statement as the statement is all about children and supplement of Vitamin A and Zinc So,     Option D is the corect answer.
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