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Monisha is working with a real estate agent to find a location for the kids’ toy store she plans to open in her town. She  is looking for a place that is either in the centre or not too far from the centre of town. It should also be attractive for the right kind of football too. Which of the following locations should Monisha’s agent call to her attention?

  1. a storefront in a new high-rise building near the train station in the center of town whose occupants are mainly young, childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day
  2. a little shop three blocks away from the town’s main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next door to an ice cream store
  3. a stand-alone storefront on a quiet residential street ten blocks away from the town’s center
  4. a storefront in a small strip mall located on the outskirts of town that is also occupied by a pharmacy and a dry cleaner
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Answer is B. This option is both near the center of town and in a location (near a school and an ice cream store) where children and their parents are sure to be around.

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