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There are five janitors. Pali, Qureshi, Rohan, Sant and Timber. They all have a different height, Qureshi is shorter than only Timber and Sant is shorter than Pali and Qureshi. Who among them is the shortest?

  1. Rohan
  2. Sant
  3. Pali
  4. Data inadequate
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Here, question is not talking about Rohan.

So, the correct answer is $(D).$
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$\textrm{According to the question Qureshi is shorter than only Timber means Timber is tallest amongst all.}$

$\textrm{Sant is Shorter than Pali and Qureshi therefore  following sequences are possible:}$

  •  $Timber, Qureshi, Pali, Rohan, Sant.$
  • $Timber,Qureshi,Pali,Sant,Rohan.$
  • $Timber,Qureshi,Rohan,Pali,Sant.$

$\textrm{Option D is correct.}$

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Please do not use unnecessary latex to change the font. It makes display ugly on mobiles.

And here how did you conclude Rohan is shorter than Sant?

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