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Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below :

  1. $P,Q,R,S,T$ and $U$ six members of a family, each of them engaged in a different profession Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Engineer, Nurse and Manager.
  2. Each of them remains at home on a different day of the week from Monday to Saturday.
  3. The lawyer in the family remain at home on Thursday.
  4. $R$ remains at home on Tuesday.
  5. $P$, a Doctor, does not remain at home either on Saturday or on Wednesday.
  6. $S$ is neither the doctor nor the Teacher and remains at home on Friday.
  7. $Q$ is the Engineer and $T$ is the Manager.

Which of the following combinations is not correct?

  1. $R$-Teacher
  2. $Q$-Engineer
  3. $T$- Manager
  4. $S$-Lawyer
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  1. S-Lawyer because Lawyer stays home on thrusday. 
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