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Three ladies $X, Y$ and $Z$ marry three men $A, B$ and $C$. $X$ is married to $A$, $Y$ is not married to an engineer, $Z$ is not married to a doctor, $C$ is not a doctor and $A$ is a lawyer. Only monogamous relationships are permitted. Then which of the following statements is correct?

  1. $Y$ is married to $C$ who is an engineer
  2. $Z$ is married to $C$ who is a doctor
  3. $X$ is married to a doctor
  4. None of the above options
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$\textrm{Option A is wrong, why because the question is saying Y is not married with an engineer.}$

$\textrm{Option B is also wrong, Z is not married to Doctor.}$

$\textrm{Option C is also wrong, X is married to A who is a lawyer (Given in question).}$

$\textrm{Option D is true.}$



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In the question, it is NOT given that there are only 3 professions, so we can’t and shouldn’t assume just because Y can’t be married to an Engineer means she must have married a doctor. Same goes for Z too


We can only say Y can marry B or C whose profession we don’t know !! Same goes for Z


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