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Select one sentence to complete the given statement in the form of a small paragraph. For each item you are given the frame of a $3$ - sentence paragraph. The middle sentence has been removed. Three possible fillers (i, ii, iii) are provided for this gap ($\dots$). Any one of them, $\text{OR}$ more than one $\text{OR}$ none of them might fit. The completed statement must be a compact and well organised presentation of the idea indicated by the first and third sentence. Select the appropriate answer option from $\text{A}$. to $\text{D}$. and indicate it.

The fight to preserve the environment calls for good science. ($\dots$). There is no point in environmental science reports that get locked away in secret government files.

  1. Strong financial support from the government is essential.
  2. The voluntary sector too should take bold initiatives.
  3. This implies a culture of openness and transparency, not just funding.

The blank can be filled by : 

  1. only (i)
  2. only (ii)
  3. only (iii)
  4. (i) or (iii)
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Option C. only(iii) – This implies a culture of openness and transparency, not just funding.

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