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Select one sentence to complete the given statement in the form of a small paragraph. For each item you are given the frame of a $3$ - sentence paragraph. The middle sentence has been removed. Three possible fillers (i, ii, iii) are provided for this gap ($\dots$). Any one of them, $OR$ more than one $OR$ none of them might fit. The completed statement must be a compact and well organised presentation of the idea indicated by the first and third sentence. Select the appropriate answer option from $A$. to $D$. and indicate it.

The new telecom companies take a radical approach to product development ($\dots$) They think instead of what consumers want and then develop the needed technology.

  1. They invest very heavily in state-of-art technology.
  2. They do not rely primarily on simulated studies product acceptability.
  3. They do not invent a product with old technology and ask Marketing to sell it.

The blank can be filled by :

  1. only (i)
  2. only (ii)
  3. only (iii)
  4. (i) or (ii)
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