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Professor Bhatnagar works only on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She performs four different activities- lecturing, conducting quizzes, evaluating quizzes and working on consultancy projects. Each working day she performs exactly one activity in the morning and exactly one activity in the afternoon. During each week her work Schedule $MUST$ satisfy the following restrictions.

She conducts quizzes on exactly three mornings. If she conducts quizzes on Sunday, she does not conduct a quiz on Monday. She lectures in the afternoon on exactly two consecutive calendar days. She evaluates quizzes on exactly one morning and three afternoons. She works on consultancy project on exactly one morning. On Friday, she neither lectures nor conducts quizzes.

If the Professor conducts a quiz on Monday, then her schedule for evaluating quizzes could be :

  1. Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon.
  2. Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon.
  3. Sunday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Friday afternoon.
  4. Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon.
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