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The movie Jurassic Park was a super-hit in the $90$s. The movie shows scientists creating live dinosaurs by replicating dinosaur $DNA$ found inside an insect that had bitten dinosaur centuries back and was then trapped in amber. Though such a feat has not been accomplished in the real world, yet one day modern science will possibly succeed in recreating prehistoric creatures in a similar manner.

 All of the following assumptions underlie the conclusion of the passage above $EXCEPT$ :

  1. the genetic information in $DNA$ is sufficient to permit the recreation of an entire animal.
  2. it will someday be possible to accurately replicate $DNA$ in a laboratory.
  3. enough $DNA$ can be extracted from an insect to recreate an entire animal.
  4. scientists will never fully understand how $DNA$ functions.
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Option D. scientists will never fully understand how DNA functions.

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