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Mahira and Neelima started walking towards each other, simultaneously from Gandhi Nagar and Nehru Nagar respectively, which are $72$ miles apart. They met after $6$ hours. After their meeting, Mahira reduced her speed by $1$ mile/h and Neelima increased by $1$ mile/h. They arrived at Nehru Nagar and Gandhi Nagar respectively at the same time. Find their initial speeds : 

  1. $6.5$ miles/h and $7.5$ miles/h
  2. $6$ miles/h and $7$ miles/h
  3. $6.5$ miles/h and $5.5$ miles/h
  4. $15.5$ miles/h and $9$ miles/h
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Option C. 6.5 miles/h and 5.5 miles/h

Both Mahira and Neelima together has traveled 72 miles in 6 hours.

i.e. there combined speed = $\frac{72 miles}{6 hours}$ = 12 miles/h

this condition is only satisfied by option C

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