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The four sentences (labelled $1, 2, 3, 4$) given below, when properly sequenced would yield a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper sequence of the order of the sentences and key in the sequence of the four numbers as your answer.

  1. To the uninitiated listener, atonal music can sound like chaotic, random noise
  2. Atonality is a condition of music in which the constructs of the music do not ‘live’ within the confines of a particular key signature, scale, or mode
  3. After you realize the amount of knowledge, skill, and technical expertise required to compose or perform it, your tune may change, so to speak
  4. However, atonality is one of the most important movements in $20$th century music
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B, A, D, C is the right order.

Begin by defining ‘Atonality’ (Option B). To further that, Option A tells us how it might sound to an “uninitiated listener”. The “however” clause follows (Option C). Finally, (Option D) concludes the argument.


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