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Students in a college are discussing two proposals --
$\text{A}$ : a proposal by the authorities to introduce dress code on campus, and
$\text{B}$ : a proposal by the students to allow multinational food franchises to set up outlets on college campus.
A student does not necessarily support either of the two proposals.
In an upcoming election for student union president, there are two candidates in fray: Sunita and Ragini. Every student prefers one of the two candidates.
A survey was conducted among the students by picking a sample of $500$ students.

The following information was noted from this survey.
1. $250$ students supported proposal $\text{A}$ and $250$ students supported proposal $\text{B}$.
2. Among the $200$ students who preferred Sunita as student union president, $80\%$ supported proposal $\text{A}$.
3. Among those who preferred Ragini, $30\%$ supported proposal $\text{A}$.
4.$20\%$ of those who supported proposal $\text{B}$ preferred Sunita.
5. $40\%$ of those who did not support proposal $\text{B}$ preferred Ragini.
6. Every student who preferred Sunita and supported proposal $\text{B}$ also supported proposal $\text{A}$.
7. Among those who preferred Ragini, $20\%$ did not support any of the proposals.

Among the students surveyed who supported proposal $\text{A}$, what percentage preferred Sunita for student union president _______
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