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There are only four brands of entry level smartphones called Azra, Bysi, Cxqi, and Dipq in a country.

Details about their market share, unit selling price, and profitability (defined as the profit as a percentage of the revenue) for the year $2016$ are given in the table below:

In $2017$, sales volume of entry level smartphones grew by $40\%$ as compared to that in $2016$. Cxqi offered a $40\%$ discount on its unit selling price in $2017$, which resulted in a $15\%$ increase in its market share. Each of the other three brands lost $5\%$ market share. However, the profitability of Cxqi came down to half of its value in $2016$. The unit selling prices of the other three brands and their profitability values remained the same in $2017$ as they were in $2016$.

The brand that had the highest revenue in $2016$ is:

  1. Dipq
  2. Bysi
  3. Cxqi
  4. Azra
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