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Fuel contamination levels at each of $20$ petrol pumps $\text{P1, P2}, \dots , \text{P20}$ were recorded as either high, medium, or low.

  1. Contamination levels at three pumps among $\text{P1 – P5}$ were recorded as high.
  2. $\text{P6}$ was the only pump among $\text{P1 – P10}$ where the contamination level was recorded as low.
  3. $\text{P7}$ and $\text{P8}$ were the only two consecutively numbered pumps where the same levels of contamination were recorded.
  4. High contamination levels were not recorded at any of the pumps $\text{P16 – P20}$.
  5. The number of pumps where high contamination levels were recorded was twice the number of pumps where low contamination levels were recorded.

What best can be said about the number of pumps at which the contamination levels were recorded as medium?

  1. Exactly $8$.
  2. More than $4$.
  3. At least $8$.
  4. At most $9$.
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