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A company administers a written test comprising of three sections of $20$ marks each – Data Interpretation (DI), Written English (WE) and General Awareness (GA), for recruitment. A composite score for a candidate (out of $80$) is calculated by doubling her marks in DI and adding it to the sum of her marks in the other two sections. Candidates who score less than $70\%$ marks in two or more sections are disqualified. From among the rest, the four with the highest composite scores are recruited. If four or less candidates qualify, all who qualify are recruited.

Ten candidates appeared for the written test. Their marks in the test are given in the table below. Some marks in the table are missing, but the following facts are known:

  1. No two candidates had the same composite score.
  2. Ajay was the unique highest scorer in WE.
  3. Among the four recruited, Geeta had the lowest composite score.
  4. Indu was recruited.
  5. Danish, Harini, and Indu had scored the same marks the in GA.
  6. Indu and Jatin both scored $100\%$ in exactly one section and Jatin’s composite score was 10 more than Indu’s.

Which of the following statements MUST be FALSE?

  1. Chetna scored more than Bala in DI.
  2. Harini’s composite score was less than that of Falak.
  3. Bala’s composite score was less than that of Ester.
  4. Bala scored same as Jatin in DI.
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