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Directions for the below question.

Cities A and B are in different time zones. A is located $3000$ km east of B. The table below describes the schedule of an airline operating non-stop flights between A and B. All the times indicated are local and on the same day.

Departure   Arrival  
City Time City Time
B $8:00$ am A $3:00$ pm
A $4:00$ pm B $8:00$ pm

Assume that planes cruise at the same speed in both directions. However, the effective speed is influenced by a steady wind blowing from east to west at $50$ km per hour.

What is the time difference between A and B?

  1. $1$ hour $30$ minutes
  2. $2$ hours
  3. $2$ hours $30$ minutes
  4. $1$ hour
  5. cannot be determined
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