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Answer the following question on the basis of this paragraph and mark the correct option in the given box.

Parents usually do not insist that their children learn to walk by a certain age. Parents feel confident that the children will learn to walk within a reasonable period of time, when their bodies are ready for such an undertaking. Teachers should adopt the same attitude when teaching children in school how to read. If teachers did this, children might learn to read much more quickly and experience less anxiety while doing so.

Which of the following best describes the Essence or structure of the passage?

  1. How children learn one kind of activity is described and then this method is recommended for teaching children another kind of activity.
  2.  Two different view of how children should be taught to read or compared or contrasted.
  3. A view of how children should be taught is described and then criticized.
  4. Contrasting views of parents and teachers on how quickly children actually learn are described and then analyzed.
  5. The amount of time it take for children to learn one kind of activity is described and then used to predict how long it will take them to learn another kind of activity.
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