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Answer the following question on the basis of this paragraph and mark the correct option in the given box.

Whatever their disadvantage with respect to distributing education tax dollars equally among school districts, in one respect at least, local property taxes are superior to state taxes as a mean of funding public schools. Because local property taxes provide public schools with a direct source of revenue, these public schools are relatively free from competition for tax dollars with other government services. School administrators do not have to compete for a share of the state tax dollars which are already being spent on health, criminal justice, public safety, and transportation. They are not placed in the position of having to argue that school programs must have priority over other public services financed by state taxes.

 Which of the following statements best expresses essence of the passage?

  1. Education is more important than other government services, such as criminal justice or public safety.
  2. The disadvantage of local poverty taxes is that they do not equally distribute tax dollars spent on education.
  3. School administrators are not accustomed to arguing that their programs must have priority over other government services.
  4. Financing education with local property taxes has the advantage of eliminating competition for funding between schools and other public services.
  5. School administrators must be prepared to justify the funds they spend on education programs.
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