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Answer the following question on the basis of this paragraph and mark the correct option in the given box.

Shakespeare wrote four types of plays: histories, comedies, tragedies, and tragicomedies. Some scholars contend that Shakespeare’s choice of three of these types of dramatic forms reflects his various psychological states. As a young man making a name for himself in London, he wrote comedies. Then, saddened by the death of this son, he turned to tragedies. Finally, seasoned by life’s joys and sorrows, he produced tragicomedies. But a look at the theater scene of his day reveals that Shakespeare was not so much writing out of his heart as into his pocketbook. When comedies were the vogue, he wrote comedies; when tragedies were the rage, he wrote tragedies; and when tragicomedies dominated the stage, he produced tragicomedies.

Which of the following statements best expresses essence of the passage?

  1. Examine Shakespeare’s life in light of his dramatic works
  2. Contest a theory that attempts to explain why Shakespeare wrote the kinds of plays he did
  3. Explain the term “comedy”, “tragedy” and “tragicomedy” as they are used in discussions of Shakespeare’s plays
  4. Compare  Shakespeare’s plays with the works of other dramatists of his day
  5. Discuss what is known about Shakespeare’s psychological states
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