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Answer the questions based on the table given below. The table below gives information about four different crops, their different quality, categories and the regions where they are cultivated. Based on the information given in the table answer the questions below.

    Quality                                  Region
 Crop 1  High  R1,  R2,  R3,  R4,  R5
 Medium  R6,  R7,  R8    
 Low  R9,  R10,  R11    
 Crop 2  High  R5,  R8,  R12    
Medium  R9,  R13      
 Low  R6,  R7,  R8    
 Crop 3  High  R2,  R6,  R7.  R13  
 Medium  R3,  R9,  R11    
 Low  R1,  R4      
 Crop 4  High  R3,  R10,  R11    
 Medium  R1,  R2,  R4    
 Low  R5,  R9      

How many low quality Crop-$1$ producing regions are either high quality Crop-$4$ producing regions or medium quality Crop-$3$ producing regions?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Zero
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