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There are two water drums in my house whose volumes are in the ratio $1: 5$. Every day the smaller drum is filled first and then the same pipe is used to fill the bigger drum. Normally by the time I return from my college, i.e., at $1: 30$ pm, the smaller drum would just be full. But today I returned a little early and started drawing water from the well with the help of a bucket, poured one-third into the smaller drum and the remaining into the bigger drum. I continued this till the smaller drum was filled. Immediately after that, I shifted the pipe into the bigger drum and went for lunch. Today if the bigger drum was filled in $12\:\text{min}$ before its normal time, when was the smaller drum full?

  1. $1 : 18\;\text{pm}$
  2. $1 : 28\;\text{pm}$
  3. $1 : 26\;\text{pm}$
  4. Cannot be determined
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