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In the given question, all the sentences except one sentence,when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a letter. Choose the sentence which does not form a part of the paragraph from among the four given choices.

  1. The revolution called Human Relations is quieter but more profound and is sweeping through U.S industry.
  1. Gradually, men felt themselves swallowed by a vast, impersonal machine, which rubbed away their self-respect and in a way their identities .
  1. In anger against betrayal of the human spirit by the Industrial Revolution, million of workers listened to the false promises of Marx’s philosophy. 
  1. The Industrial Revolution, replaced the tools of the independent workmen with machines, had transformed handicraftsmen who were their own bosses into hired hands subject to the orders of managers.
  1. $\text{A}$
  1. $\text{B}$
  1. $\text{C}$
  1. $\text{D}$
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