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Given below is a paragraph whose last line is missing. Choose the line which completes the paragraph most logically from the options given below.

The real change in corporate culture began with the personal computer. With the PC, any employee could have a computer of his or her very own and use if for real work. It simplified applications that were cumbersome with a mainframe even without taking into account the problem of gaining access. A mainframe required a skilled programmer to do things that a non-technical user eventually could easily do with a spreadsheet on a PC. The forms and macros required to solve problems on PCs were trivial compared to traditional programming in COBOL or other computer languages.

  1. Soon PCs were ubiquitous among managers and professionals.
  2. Management Information System (MIS) managers reacted in horror as they saw these rogue computers serving important functions within their corporations.
  3. These PCs held vital information in inconsistent and inaccessible formats and were not secure from loss or damage.
  4. Eventually, MIS departments connected PCs to their corporate mainframes, but primarily as replacements for dumb terminals. Some users, however, were more creative.
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