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Given below is a paragraph whose last line is missing. Choose the line which completes the paragraph most logically from the options given below.

The remake the world (including Nature), Fourier mobilised : an intolerance (for civilisation), a form (classification), a standard (pleasure), an imagination (the ‘scene’), a distance (his book), all of which pretty well define the action of the signifier or the signifier in action. This action continually makes visible on the page a glaring lack, that of science and politics, that is, of the signified.

  1. What Fourier lacks points is return to what we ourselves lack when we reject Fourier : to be ironic about Fourier is always even from the scientific point of view to censure the signifier.
  2. However, the relationship of Desire and Need is not complementary were they fitted one into the other, everything would be perfect, but supplementary; each is the excess of the order.
  3. The excess : what does not pass through.
  4. The vomiting of politics is what Fourier calls Invention
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