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Four friends John, Mike, Lewis and Peter went on a picnic and they participated in four adventure sports - Paragliding, Skiing, Bungee Jumping and Rock climbing. Further the following information is known about them:

  1. The number of persons who participated in Skiing is one more than that of those who participated in Bungee Jumping and Rock Climbing, which, in turn, is same as that of those who participated in Paragliding, which, in turn, is twice that of those who participated in Rock Climbing.
  2. Every person participated in at least one event and each sport was taken up by at least one person.
  3. John participated in Skiing but not in Rock Climbing while Lewis participated in Bungee Jumping but not in Paragliding.
  4. None of them participated in both Bungee Jumping and Rock Climbing.
  5. Peter participated in three sports.
  6. Between Skiing and Paragliding, Mike participated in exactly one sport.

If Lewis participated in two sports, which of the following is definitely false?

  1. Mike did not participate in Skiing.
  2. John participated in Paragliding.
  3. Lewis participated in Skiing.
  4. Mike participated in Paragliding.
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