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Read the following question carefully and answer the question based on that.

Each of five people $\text{A, B, C, D}$ and $\text{E}$ owns a different car among Maruti, Mercedes, Sierra, Fiat and Audi and the colours of these cars are Black,Green,Blue,White and Red, not necessary in that order. No two cars are of the same colour. It is also known that

  1. $\text{A's}$ car is not Black and it is not a Mercedes.
  2. $\text{B’s}$ car is Green and it is not a Sierra. 
  3. $\text{E’s}$ car is not White and it is not an Audi.
  4. $\text{C’s}$ car is a Mercedes and it is not Blue.
  5. $\text{D’s}$ car is not Red and it is Fiat.

If $\text{A}$ owns a White Audi, then $\text{E’s}$ car can be a 

  1. Red Maruti
  2. Blue Maruti
  3. Green Audi
  4. Black Sierra
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