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The following question has a paragraph from which a sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

RD Laing developed a broad range of thought on interpersonal psychology. This deals with interactions between people, which he considered important, for an ethical action always occurs between one person and another. In books such as $\textit{The politics of Experience}$, he deal with issues concerning how we should relate to persons labelled by the psychiatric establishment as “schizophrenic”.

  1. He came to be seen as a champion for the rights of those considered mentally ill
  2. He spoke out against (and wrote about) practices of psychiatrics which he considered inhumane or barbaric, such as electric shock treatment.
  3. Laing also did work in establishing true asylums as places of refuge for those who feel disturbed and want a safe place to go through whatever it is they want to explore in themselves and with others
  4. He suggested that the effects of psychiatric drugs (some of which are very deleterious, such as tardive diskensia) be called just that “effects” and not to be referred to by the preferred euphemisms of the drug companies,who prefer to call them “side effects”.
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