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Read the following information carefully to answer the following question.

  1. In a family of six members $A, B, C, D, E$ and $F$ each one plays one game out of the six games namely Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Badminton, Bridge and Cricket.
  2. Two are married couples.
  3. $B$ who plays Carrom, is daughter-in-law of $E$.
  4. $A$ is father of $D$, the Table Tennis player, and $D$ is the father of $C$, who plays Cricket.
  5. $F$ is brother of $C$.
  6. Chess is not played by a female member.
  7. $E's$ husband plays Badminton.

How many male members are there in the family?

  1. Two only
  2. Three only
  3. Four Only
  4. Data inadequate
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$\\A=Plays\ Badminton\ and\ husband\ of\ E\ (दादा)\\ B=Plays\ Carrom\ and\ daughter-in-law\ of\ E\ and\ mother\ of\ C\ and\ F\ (मां) \\ C=Plays\ cricket\ and\ can't\ say\ whether\ son\ or\ daughter\ of\ D\ and\ B\ (पोता/पोती)\\ D=Plays\ TT\ and\ father\ of\ C\ and\ F\ (पिता)\\ E=Plays\ bridge\ and\ wife\ of\ A\ (दादी मा)\\ F=Plays\ chess\ and\ son\ of\ D\ and\ B\ (पोता)\\$


Ans: D

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