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There were 2 friends who started buying 14 eggs at Rs.3 per egg daily from september. Both will eat 4 boiled eggs daily and store the remaining eggs keeping in mind the price hike during winter. One odd day due to some emergency one of the friend had to go out. He returned after 5 days and during these days no extra egg was bought, but his friend continued the routine of consuming 4 boiled eggs. Both of them were bad at maths and had different reasoning for the settlement.

Friend A : While you were not here I ate 20 eggs from the store. For these 20 stocked eggs you contributed Rs.30 as your share. So I will give you Rs.30

Friend B : You ate 20 extra eggs so I am taking 20 eggs from the store now or give me Rs.60

i. Friend A is correct

ii. Friend B is correct

iii. Both are correct

iv. None is correct
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