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A certain country is inhabited only by people who either always tell truth or always lies, and who will respond to a question only with yes or no. A tourist come to fork in road, where left branch leads to capital and other does not. There is no sign indicating which branch to take. but there is an inhabitant, Mr Z standing at the fork. What single Yes/No question should tourist ask him determine the branch to take?

A) It is true that you are the truth teller and the left road leads to capital or you are liar and the right rod leads to capital?

B) If i ask you whether the left road leads to capital, you will say yes, won't you?

C) If I ask the other kind of person whether the right road leads to the capital, he will say yes won't he ?

Out of 3 Question above which question can lead you towards capital?

1) A,B

2) B,C

3) A,C

4) A,B,C
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