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Ravi's salary before he got an increment was 20% of total income of of his family.His increment was one fourth of his salary after increment.What percentage of total income of his family is his new salary
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  • Let total family income be                          :         $x$
  • Ravi`s increment be                                     :         $y$
  • Then Ravi`s income before increment    :        $0.2x$

    $Increment \ value  : = $ $\frac{1}{4} \times (0.2x+y)=y \\  y= \frac{0.2x}{3} $

            $New \  salary = \frac{0.2x}{3}+0.2x = \frac{0.8x}{3}$

  New salary in terms of family income = $\LARGE \frac{\frac{0.8x}{3}}{x+\frac{0.2x}{3}} $$\times 100=25\%$

Note : Ravi is also part of family therefore increment in Ravi`s salary will also increase his family income.

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