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F:  Fact: If it relates to a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true,

J:  Judgment: If it is an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention,

I:  Inference: If it is a logical conclusion or deduction about something, based on the knowledge of facts

From the alternatives, choose the one which correctly classifies the four sentences as a

A. If democracy is to survive, the people must develop a sense of consumerism.

B. Consumerism has helped improve the quality of goods in certain countries.

C. The protected environment in our country is helping local manufacturers.

D. The quality of goods suffers if the manufacturers take undue advantage of this.

  1. IJFJ 
  2. JFJI
  3. IJJF 
  4. IFJJ
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