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The company should not be held responsible for failing to correct the control-panel problem that caused the accident. Although the problem had been mentioned earlier in a safety inspector's report, company receive hundred  of reports of such problem, and Industry standard No.$42$ requires action on these problems only when an accident is foreseeable.

If the second sentence in the paragraph above is factually correct, the answer to which of the following questions is most relevant in helping to determine whether or not the company violated Industry standard No.$42$ when it failed to correct the control-panel problem?

  1. Was the accident serious?
  2. Was the control-panel problem of a type that is known to indicate that an accident is likely?
  3. Since the accident, has the company done a special safety check on all control panels?
  4. Did the safety inspector mention more than one problem in the same report?
  5. How long was the control panel in use before the problem was discovered?
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The correct answer is the second statement. This is because it is the only statement which helps us predicting whether the accident was foreseeable.
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