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The following table gives data of some students. However, some data has been spoilt and cannot be read on the computer floppy

It is also known that:

1. Half the students were either excellent or good.

2. 40% of the students were females

3. One-third of the male students were average. Based on the above answer the following questions.

What proportion of good students are male?

  1. $0$
  2. $0.73$
  3. $0.4$
  4. $1.0$
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    Performance     Total
      Average         Good     Excellent  
Male $\color{blue}{16}$ $\color{blue}{22}$ 10 $\color{blue}{48}$
Female $\color{blue}{(40-16) = 24}$ $\color{blue}{8}$   -- 32
Total $\color{blue}{40}$ 30 $\color{blue}{10}$ $\color{blue}{80}$


$\color{green}{\text{The proportion of good male students :}}$$\color{orange}{\dfrac{22}{30} = 0.73}$

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For better understanding see this :


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