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One liter of water is poured into each of two containers of equal height. The first container A has a circular cross section of radius 2 cm and the other B has a square cross section with side of 4 cm. In which container will the water rise to a greater height?

  1. Container A
  2. Container B 
  3. Equal in both
  4. Depends on the rate at which water is poured
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Let, each of the container's height is h cm.

A has circular cross section whose radius is 2 cm.,

Therefore, A's volume = π * (2)* h

                                     = 4 * 22/7 * h

                                     = 88/7 * h


B has a square cross section with side of 4 cm, 

Therefore, B's volume = 4* 4 * h

                                     = 16h

So, 16h > 12.57h

      B's volume > A's volume

We know that,if a container is wider than another container, then it contains more water. And if the same amount of water is poured, in the less wider container the water will rise to greater heights.Here 1 litre water is poured, and both of their height is same, so in less wider container water rise to greater heights.

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