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Arrange sentences A B, C, and D between sentences 1 and 6, so as to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Despite the passage of time, a large number of conflicts continue to remain alive, because the wronged parties, in reality or in imagination, wish to take revenge upon each other, thus creating a vicious circle.

A. At times, managers are called upon to take ruthless decisions in the long-term interests of the organisation.

B. People hurt others, at times knowingly, to teach them a lesson and, at other times, because they lack correct understanding of the other person have stand.

C. The delegation of any power, to any person, is never absolute.

D. Every ruthless decision will be easier to accept if the situation at the moment of committing the act is objectively analyzed, shared openly and discussed rationally.

6. if power is misused, its effects can last only for a while, since employees are bound to confront it someday, more so, the talented ones.

  1. BCAD
  2. ADBC
  3. DABC
  4. BADC
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