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Arrange sentences A B, C, and D between sentences 1 and 6, so as to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Total forgiveness for a mistake committed generates a sense of complacency towards target achievement among the employees.

A. In such a situation, the work ethos gets distorted and individuals get a feeling that they can get away with any lapse.

B. The feeling that they develop is ‘whether I produce results or not, the management will not punish me or does not have the guts to punish me.’

C. Also, excess laxity damages management credibility, because for a long time, the management has maintained that dysfunctional behaviour will result in punishment, and when something goes wrong, it fails to take specific punitive action.

D. The severity of the punishment may be reduced by modifying it, but some action must be taken against the guilty so as to serve as a reminder for all others in the organisation.

6. Moreover, it helps establish the management’s image of being firmed, fair and yet human.

  1. DCBA
  2. BADC
  3. DBCA
  4. CABD
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