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Each sentence below is followed by four others. Select from the four the one which most complements the idea contained in the given statement.

Since they first became part of living room furniture, television remote controls have become the advertiser’s scourge. Some analysts reckon that ____________

  1. the instruments will make TV advertising completely ineffective.
  2. as many as a third of all ads are zapped by viewers.
  3. the instrument greatly interferes with the watching of wholesome TV programmes.
  4. soon the advertising industry will have no option but to approach the government to ban the instrument.
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scourge is a whip — or anything else that is punishing and dreadful.

As a verb, scourge means to cause suffering.

Zapped means move or cause to move suddenly and rapidly or destroy or obliterate.

'The advertiser's scourge is the clue here. ' If the viewers change the channel during ads, it becomes a menace for advertisers. This results in the remote control becoming a scourge for the advertisers.

Hence, (B) is the most appropriate answer choice

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