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In each of the following questions, four sentences are given between the sentences numbered $1$ and $6$. You are required to arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.

1. Am I one of the people who are worried that Bill Clinton’s second term might be destroyed by a constitutional crisis?

A. On the other hand, ordinary citizens have put the campaign behind them.

B. In other words, what worries me is that Bill Clinton could exhibit a version of what George Bush used to refer to as Big Mo.

C. That is, he might have so much campaign momentum that he may not be able to stop campaigning.

D. Well, it’s true that I’ve been wondering whether a President could be impeached or refusing to stop talking about the bridge we need to build to the $21$ century.

6. They prefer now to watch their favourite soaps and acts on TV rather than senators.

  1. DBCA
  2. ABDC 
  3. BACD
  4. CBDA
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