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In each of the following questions, four sentences are given between the sentences numbered $1$ and $6$. You are required to arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.

1. Since its birth, rock has produced a long string of guitar heroes.

A. It is a list that would begin with Chuck Berry, continue on through Hendrix, Page and Clapton.

B. These are musicians celebrated for their sheer instrumental talent, and their flair for expansive, showy and sometimes selfindulgent solos.

C. It would also include players of more recent vintage, like Van Halen and Living Colour’s Vernon Reid.

D. But with the advent of alternative rock and grunge, guitar heroism became uncool.

6. Guitarists like Peter Buck and Kurt Cobain shy away from exhibitionism.

  1. ACBD
  2. ABCD
  3. BCAD ​​​​​​​
  4. BADC
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