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In each of the following questions, four sentences are given between the sentences numbered $1$ and $6$. You are required to arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.

1. Matrilineal systems of land inheritance advantaged women in many respects, especially in granting them economic and social security.

A. Women, in particular, were profoundly affected by these changes.

B. The large joint family estates came to be partitioned; there was an increasing penetration of market forces and patriarchal ideologies spread in influence.

C. These systems, however, did not remain fixed over time.

D. Interventions by the colonial and postcolonial states, and the processes of social change which these set in motion, eroded customary practices.

6. At the same time, their customary exclusion from major authority in public bodies meant that they were unlikely to be the ones directing the changes.

  1. BDCA
  2. CDBA ​​​​​​​
  3. CDAB ​​​​​​​
  4. CADB


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