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These questions are based on the following data:

A thief flees City $A$ in a car towards City $B$ on a stretch of straight road, $300$ kilometres long, at the speed of $60$ km/hr. In $15$ minutes a police party (X) leaves city $A$ to chase the thief at $65$ km/hr.

After leaving how long does it take for the police party $X$ to catch the thief’?

  1. $2$ hrs $45$ min
  2. $3$hrs ​​​​​​​
  3. $3$ hrs $15$ mm
  4. None of these
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total distance covered by thief in 15 minute=60*1/4=>15km

relative speed between thief and police=65-60=>5km/hr

In order to catch a thief police have to cover a distance 15 km with relative speed 5km/hr

so time taken to catch a thief is:15/5=3hr,

So answer is B.

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