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A series of eight games, numbered Gto G8r is organized as part of a college fest. In each game, only four players - A, B, C, D - participate and only one of them emerges as the winner. Five persons - P, Q, R, S, T - from among the audience took part in a contest wherein each person predicts the winner of each of the eight games in the series.

A person gets $300 for the right prediction and loses $100 for a wrong prediction. The following table gives the predictions of each of the five person as to who the winners would be. For example in game G1, R predicted player B to win, while both P and T predicted player C to win and both Q and S predicted player D to win.

At the end of eight games, it turned out that if any person had predicted that a single player would win each of the eight games, he would not have gain or lost any amount. At the end of the series of eight games, Q received the maximum amount of $1600, while T neither gained nor lost any amount. Had R made one more correct prediction and Q made one more incorrect prediction, the amounts gained by them at the end of the games would have interchanged.

1. The amount gained by P at the end of the eight games is

                   a. $800

                   b. $1200

                   c. $400

                   d. Cannot be determined.

2. How many correct predictions made by S?

                   a. 3

                   b. 5

                   c. 4

                   d. 2

3. In how many of the games was the winner not a player predicted by any of the five person?

                  a. 2

                  b. 0

                  c. 1

                  d. 3

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